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Welcome to Southwest Dance AZ

Maryam E.

“Mrs. Trish holds a special place in our hearts as she has been an instrumental figure in my daughter's dance journey for nearly four years. There is no one I trust more than her to nurture and inspire my daughter's passion for dance, and for her life in general."

Jenny S.

"As a parent who has been alongside Mrs. Trish throughout her teaching journey, I can attest to her exceptional talent and dedication to her students. Mrs.Trish's ability to create a supportive and inclusive environment where each dancer feels valued and empowered is simply amazing!"

Samantha B.

“I am thrilled to recommend Mrs. Trish's new dance studio to all parents looking for a nurturing and inspiring environment for their children. I have no doubt that she will continue to foster a love for dance while helping each child to reach their full potential."

Dancers of the Month

We're so proud of our students!

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